Typical age for the beginning of puberty


Typically, puberty begins after the age of 8 in girls. By age 8 or 9, roughly 50% of Black or African-American girls and 15% of White girls have signs of breast buds or pubic hair or both. Generally, Black or African-American girls go through the stages of puberty at a younger age than White girls and Hispanic girls.


Typically, puberty begins after the age of 9 in boys. By age 9, roughly 20% of Black or African-American boys and 4% of White boys have signs of pubic hair. Generally, Black or African-American boys go through the stages of puberty at a slightly younger age than White boys and Hispanic boys.

Common signs of puberty

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How normal puberty
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Stages of puberty

The growth of breasts and pubic hair in girls measures the stages of development in puberty.

The growth of the penis and testes, as well as pubic hair, measures puberty in boys.

Average growth in
height by age

See what the average height is for girls based on age.

See what the average height is for boys based on age.

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