Talking with
Your Child
About early puberty

Having the puberty conversation early and often can help you and your child feel more comfortable

Often, children are too young to understand the physical and hormonal changes happening to them. Reassure your child that these changes are normal and all of his or her friends will eventually go through puberty, too.

These changes are just happening earlier in his or her body than they should. For most children with CPP, no underlying medical problem caused puberty to start early. If your child asks, tell them it is not their fault. Remember, it is not your fault either.

How you talk
to your
child will
depend on
your child
and how
old they are

Check your child
with the Signs and Stages

Use the interactive tool to compare the signs you see in your child with the stages of puberty in normal development.

Trust your
instincts and
act now

Talk to a pediatrician as soon as possible
if you see early signs of puberty, because
only a qualified healthcare provider can diagnose CPP.

Need help
talking to the

Create your own discussion guide to ask the right questions and get as much information as possible during the visit to the pediatrician.