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If your doctor recommends treatment, the sooner your child starts, the sooner the progression of puberty may be stopped

Central precocious puberty, or CPP, can have physical effects on your child. Unfortunately, half of all children with CPP see the doctor too late for treatment to have an impact.* If CPP is not treated, your child may not reach their projected adult height.

Children with CPP may go through an early growth spurt and be taller than their peers. This is because their bones mature more quickly than normal. Their growth plates close too early, and unfortunately, they often stop growing earlier, too.

*Based on an online survey of 141 US pediatric endocrinologists from June 6 to July 14, 2017.

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If your child is diagnosed with CPP, talk to your pediatric endocrinologist as soon as possible about treatment options. The sooner a child starts treatment, the sooner the progression of puberty may be stopped.

The good news is that CPP can be treated

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Timely treatment may help prevent certain complications

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