Noticed changes in your child?
Talk to a

If you are worried about seeing a growth spurt and early signs of puberty in your child, such as breast bud development, testicle and penis enlargement, pubic and underarm hair, adult body odor, or acne, taking your child to the pediatrician is the next step.

Tips on what
to say to the pediatrician

It can be hard to remember everything you want to ask the pediatrician. Here is advice about what to say to the pediatrician and how to say it.


To get started, think about the signs you have noticed in your child. When you talk to the pediatrician, ask if they notice the same signs.

Don’t wait
until it’s too late
for treatment

Get a referral to a pediatric endocrinologist who can confirm if your child has CPP, and discuss appropriate treatment options.

Find and
download helpful

Download information sheets and find
links to additional websites with information about CPP.

Find a pediatric endocrinologist in your area

While AbbVie does not recommend any specific healthcare providers, we can help you find a pediatric endocrinologist in your area.